Community Centre


The Building

The building is at the corner of Dromore Road and Garden Street and is adjacent to the Medical Centre and the Primary School. The building was formerly used as the Gatehouse School, and in 1985 it was taken over by the local community.

The building has recently undergone major refurbishment and provides space for a wide range of community events, for use by community groups and for meetings.



The building contains 4 corner rooms, each approximately 27 ft x 19 ft . For the foreseeable future 2 of these rooms, the Bunker (room 1) and the Snooker Room (room 5), are likely to be sub-let on a long term basis. Another corner room is currently laid out as a Meeting Room (room 3) with large tables in the middle of the floor. The last room is known as the Lounge (room 4). The Meeting Room and Lounge are currently bookable, subject to availability, with the charge being £10 per hour.The main hall has a usable space of 53 ft x 20 ft and is also bookable at £12 per hour.

To make a booking please call in to The Bank of Fleet Hotel in the High Street, email or phone on 07707 686109 during business hours.

The information we will need is:

• your name
• the organisation that you represent
• which room you would like to book
• the date and time this room is required and for how long
• your contact telephone number
• if possible a contact email address
A member of the management team will get back to you ASAP thereafter.


Click to download pdf plan of the Centre

Community Centre Booking

To make a booking ...

07707 686109 
during business hours


or call in to The Bank of Fleet Hotel in the High Street.

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