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Draft Minutes of most recent Community Council Meeting

Meeting held on Zoom on 8 September 2020 at 7 30pm

Unapproved Minutes

The Community Council will be holding "virtual" meetings due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Consequently, public attendance is not really feasible. Below are the unapproved minutes from the most recent meeting of the Council which will allow all to be up to date with current discussions.  Any queries and questions can be directed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1 Attendees

Councillors: David Richmond (DR) (Chair), Peter Cailey (PC), Robert Dodds (RD), Suzette Harris (SH), Ruaridh Hesketh (RH), Helen Keating (HK), Fiona Power (FP), Nigel Scott (NS), Francois Van der Zee (FZ), Councillor Jane Maitland (JM)

Minutes Secretary: Susan Miller (SM)

Apologies: Jonathan Henderson (JH), Jack Pickthall (JP), Councillor Pauline Drysdale (PD), PC John Brown (JB)

2 Conflicts of Interest

2.1 DR reminded members to be mindful of any potential conflicts of interest and to declare them if necessary.

3 Public Forum (Agenda item 2)

3.1 The Council discussed the email from a resident of Baker’s Dozen regarding the felling of an ash tree, which DR had circulated to all members. FP clarified the actions and timeline. The Council considered that the action taken had been appropriate and proportionate and it was agreed that FP would reply to the residents by email setting out the explanation for the Council’s actions.

4 Police Report (Agenda item 3)

4.1 JB had provided information by email regarding current scams which DR asked RH to post on the F/b page and also on current police response times. He had provided advice regarding the overnight parking by the lorry/trailer outside Anwoth Holiday Park but as the situation had improved no further action was needed at this stage.

5 Dumfries and Galloway Report (Agenda item 4)

5.1 JM reported that D and G Council was gradually returning to more normal working.   The exam results had been satisfactory with only 5 appeals against the revised gradings and child care hours had increased by almost 50%. The Amended Scheme for Community Councils had been approved with one minor amendment requiring further formal consultation.

6 Minutes of meeting on 11 August 2020 (Agenda item 5)

6.1 The minutes of the meeting on 11 August were agreed. The formal proposal was made by PC and seconded by HK.

7 Matters Arising (Agenda item 6)

7.1 DR reported on D and G Council’s response to the request for a revised speed limit on the B796 viz that there was no evidence of a safety issue and therefore no evidence to support a reduction and no case for a site visit. DR had obtained permission to copy the response to the resident who had raised the issue and would do so, suggesting that he try to log information on incidents of dangerous driving/speeding which could enable Police Scotland to make a targeted investigation.

8 Chair’s report and Correspondence (Agenda item 7)

8.1 There was discussion of complaints received regarding arrangements for the VJ Day event. An explanation and apology had already been provided by DR and posted on the Covid19 f/b page but DR apologised personally and on behalf of the Council for the way in which the change to the arrangements had been communicated.

8.2 The flooding incident in Ann Street on 2 September was discussed and it was agreed that DR and HK would contact D and G Council, Scottish Water, the Murray Usher Foundation and SEPA pointing out the public health issues arising.

8.3 DR fulfilled a request for Helpline support received on 17 August.   He advised that the arrangements for the Helpline would be kept under review and reactivated should the need arise.

8.4 DR reported that the hedge at the junction of the Lauriston Road and the High Street had been trimmed.

9 Planning Applications (Agenda item 8)

9.1 There had been no new applications or approvals since the last meeting.

10 Treasurer’s Report (Agenda item 9)

10.1 PC reported that the Admin Account stood at £694, the Common Good Fund (CGF) at £644 and the Covid19 fund at £367.   DR said a request had been received from the GDI for transfer of funds from the Covid 19 fund to offset the additional costs incurred during the Covid 19 emergency.   It was agreed that some of the funds should perhaps be retained for Council use at this stage in case of further need but DR asked PC to liaise with D and G Council on the scope to transfer such monies to another body. On receipt of a reply a final decision could be made.

11 Cardoness Lights (Agenda item 10)

11.1 DR reported that the necessary funding was now almost in place with £1,000 received from the Galloway Association of Glasgow, £100 from the Murray Usher Foundation and the GDI offer to match fund the Council’s contribution from the Common Good Fund of £500. 

12 Memorial Tree (Agenda item11)

12.1 DR would circulate the proposed design for the granite plinth and bronze plaque. The tree species had yet to be confirmed.

13 AOCB (Agenda item 12)

13.1 There was a short discussion regarding the e-mail of 25 Aug from Mr W Jones (DR had overlooked this in the Par 8 above), regarding his suggestion of reinstating / securing the harbour wall at Port Macadam using monies from the coastal benefit fund should a funding request be successfully made. RD will contact Mr Jones to better understand the thinking behind his suggestion.

13.2 DR asked whether the Community Centre would be available for the AGM in October.   SM said that according to the most recent advice received there were still restrictions in place which could make this problematic but the management committee would continue to monitor the situation closely and do whatever it could to accommodate the meeting within the guidelines. DR and HK would meet to discuss arrangements for the AGM. No elections are required this year and at present it was thought the only issue with a time limit for action was publishing the AGM agenda at least 14 days before the meeting.

13.3 HK confirmed that D and G Council would be inspecting the state of Victoria Street and Castramon Road.

13.4 RD raised the state of a seat in The Cut where the site seemed to be used for the depositing of grass cuttings (DR to have a look at the site) HK confirmed that a list of seats and their state of repair had been sent to D and G Council.

13.5 RD queried why the Brickworks area adjoining the nature reserve at Vinnie Hill was shut. DR said he would try and find out who owned the site and follow up with them

13.6 DR said that in future all requests to CCES and the CCES number when received should be included in the minutes to improve communication about issues raised by the community. JM stressed that it was open to all residents to report any problems direct to D and G Council on the relevant public website and then escalate those requests via the Council’s use of CCES if unresolved. A short discussion followed and it was agreed this later approach be adopted - that the CC get involved where resident requests for action require escalation

The meeting ended at 9 05pm

Next meetings: 13 October (AGM), 10 November, 8 December