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Draft Minutes of most recent Community Council Meeting

Meeting held on Zoom on 9 June 2020 at 7 30pm

Unapproved Minutes

The Community Council will be holding "virtual" meetings due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Consequently, public attendance is not really feasible. Below are the unapproved minutes from the most recent meeting of the Council which will allow all to be up to date with current discussions.  Any queries and questions can be directed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1 Attendees

Councillors: David Richmond (DR) (Chair), Peter Cailey (PC), Suzette Harris (SH), Ruaridh Hesketh (RH), Helen Keating (HK), Fiona Power (FP), Nigel Scott (NS), Francois Van der Zee (FZ), Councillor Dougie Campbell (DC)

Minutes Secretary: Susan Miller (SM)

Apologies: Robert Dodds (RD), Jonathan Henderson (JH), Jack Pickthall (JP), PC J Brown, Police Scotland (JB)

2 Conflicts of Interest

2.1 DR reminded members to be mindful of any potential conflicts of interest and to declare them if necessary.

3 Public Forum (Agenda item 2)

3.1 No items submitted.

4 Police Report (Agenda item 3)

4.1 In the absence of JB, DR suggested that information be posted on the Facebook page to remind people of the ongoing risks of online fraud. RH undertook to do so.

5 Dumfries and Galloway Report (Agenda item 4)

5.1 DC reported as follows

(a) the focus remained on dealing with Covid 19

(b) as part of that focus a revised decision- making structure had been implemented on a temporary basis but it was hoped that the full committee structure would be restored soon

(c) waste and recycling centres were operating in accordance with Scottish Government/ COSLA etc advice and would return to full operation as soon as that advice allowed

(d) options for cost effective weedkilling were being developed in the light of concerns about the use of glyphosate; proposals for use of volunteer teams and/or more sustainable but labour intensive methods would be subject to a community event discussion in spring 2021and trialled thereafter.

(e) residents had again raised the issue of the position of the 30 mph speed limit on the approach road from the A75 via Cardoness Castle; DR advised that the issue had been considered by the CC in December 2019 but D and G Council’s response was to turn down the request as it did not meet the required criteria for action. DC advised that the statutory process to revise the speed limit would be lengthy and involve consultation and a member-level decision. After discussion it was agreed that the CC pursue the matter again and DC would request a site meeting with the relevant officers once lockdown arrangements allowed. In the meantime, would provide DR with information on the criteria for making any change.

5.2 The CC placed on record its thanks to the volunteers currently clearing weeds, planting, strimming and generally keeping the town tidy. It was noted that D and G Council had now resumed strimming and grass cutting and SH undertook to notify the local volunteer who was currently carrying out these activities.

6 Minutes of meeting on 12 May 2020 (Agenda item 5)

6.1 The minutes of the meeting on 12 May were agreed. The formal proposal was made by PC and seconded by FP.

7 Matters Arising (Agenda item 6)

7.1 None

8 Chair’s report and Correspondence (Agenda item 7)

8.1 DR advised that Danny Alderslowe had resigned from the CC. The CC placed on record its thanks for his many years of service and his contribution to the well-being of the community.

8.2 DR said that he had been approached by a resident with several questions & comments on CC activity which he had sought to deal with.

8.3 JP had raised with him the overhanging bushes etc in an unoccupied house in Dromore Road. DR had had contacted the owner who had undertaken to cut the growth back.

8.4 NS said that a similar situation had arisen with another property occupied by an elderly resident and it was agreed that DR would ask the Fleet Valley Volunteers to assist as soon as lockdown arrangements allowed.

9 Planning Applications (Agenda item 8)

9.1 FP reported that since the last meeting there had been no planning decisions made and only

one new planning application - for alterations and extension to an existing building at Galloway Preserves, Memory Lane, Gatehouse of Fleet.

10 Treasurer’s Report (Agenda item 9)

10.1 PC reported that the Admin Account stood at £662, the Common Good Fund (CGF) at £1644 and the Covid19 fund at £367. There was discussion of possible uses for the CGF and it was agreed that monies could be offered to buy more bedding plants, paint for the town hall garden railings and to meet any funding gap in the Cardoness lights project.

10.2 The costs of Zoom could be met from the Admin Account and would be considered should ongoing use be required. PC’s suggestion that the hire charge for use of the Community Centre continue to be paid was agreed.

11 Cardoness Lights (Agenda item 10)

11.1 DR said that the application was due to be considered by D and G Council in the next week or so and he would report once a decision was communicated to him.

12 Community Council website (Agenda item11)

12.1 DR said that the February 2020 minutes had now been added to the website. RH confirmed that he Facebook page was operating as expected.

13 Memorial Tree (Agenda item 12)

13.1 DR said that a suggestion made by Thomas Mackie, to plant a memorial tree to recognise the work of NHS and other front-line workers during the Covid19 emergency, should be supported by the CC. A suitable location where the tree could be planted would need to be agreed e.g. in the car park, with a plaque recognising the contribution of all those involved in helping the community cope with the emergency. Attendees agreed.

14 Covid19 (Agenda item 13)

14.1 DR reported that calls to the Volunteer Delivery Helpline were now largely confined to delivery of Spar orders and prescriptions. There were indications that the availability of volunteers to make the deliveries was becoming an issue, possibly due to the relaxation of the lockdown arrangements. An e-mail would be issued to confirm the availability of volunteers to stay on the rota.  He suggested that the arrangements should stay in place until at least the end of July as people would still be shielding until then and there might be an increase in demand arising from the track and trace system. Helpline volunteers could be reduced from 3 to 2 for the afternoon sessions as they tended to be quiet. He would also ask if anyone from the Helpline rota would consider joining the delivery rota.

15 AOCB (Agenda item 14)

15.1 DR mentioned Duncan McConchie’s (Laggan) initiative to restart local businesses post lockdown and asked if RH, JH and FZ might want to contribute to this.   RH undertook to liaise with Duncan in the 1st instance and to keep JH, FZ (and Ken Smyth on behalf of the Mill on the Fleet), informed of developments.

15.2 FZ said that the Fleet valley Volunteers would welcome contributions of pots for planting in the Town Hall Garden and wanted to encourage residents to visit the garden to appreciate the improvements. The CC placed on record its thanks for the Volunteers’ work.

15.3 DC said that a story by local author Karen Campbell about the painted stones in the garden would be included in a forthcoming issue of D and G Council Covid19 Bulletin,

The meeting ended at 8 50pm

Next meetings:     14 July, 11 August, 8 September