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Draft Minutes of most recent Community Council Meeting

General Meeting held on Zoom on 11 November 2020 at 7pm

Unapproved Minutes

The Community Council will be holding "virtual" meetings due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Consequently, public attendance is not really feasible. Below are the unapproved minutes from the most recent meeting of the Council which will allow all to be up to date with current discussions.  Any queries and questions can be directed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Councillors: David Richmond (DR) (Chair), Peter Cailey (PC), Robert Dodds (RD), Jonathan Henderson (JH), Helen Keating (HK), Fiona Power (FP), Nigel Scott (NS), Francois Van der Zee (FZ)

Minutes Secretary: Susan Miller (SM)

Apologies: Councillor Councillor Pauline Drysdale (PD), Jack Pickthall (JP,) PC John Brown (JB)


2 Conflicts of Interest

2.1 DR reminded members to be mindful of any potential conflicts of interest and to declare them if necessary.

3 Public Forum (Agenda item 2

3.1 No items submitted.

4 Police Report (Agenda item 3)

4.1 HK reported that JB had forwarded information from Police Scotland and a link to a website relating to cybercrime. DR asked RH to post the link on the Council F/b page.

4.2 It was noted that the lorry/trailer had been parked outside the Anwoth caravan park at weekends but it was agreed that no further action was appropriate at this stage.

5 Dumfries and Galloway Report (Agenda item 4)

5.1 No report.

6 Minutes of meeting on 13 October 2020 (Agenda item 5)

6.1 The minutes of the meeting on 8 September were agreed. Approval was proposed by PC and seconded by FZ.

7 Matters Arising (Agenda item 6)

7.1 DR reported that a website PHS Tableau provided data on local cases of Covid19 and currently showed that the number of cases in the town had reduced considerably. It was therefore agreed that it was not necessary to reactivate the Volunteer Helpline at this stage but the situation would be closely monitored.   DR was liaising with the SPAR regarding telephone payment to avoid the need for volunteers to take cash payments when delivering groceries.

8 Chair’s report and Correspondence (Agenda item 7)

8.1 DR reported that the 3 rowan trees had now been taken down in the car park following the lights having been removed from them; he would make arrangements for the wood to be removed.   It is hoped they will be replaced by flowering cherry trees.

8.2 DR reported that the lights team, as part of the Gala Committee, would arrange the town’s Christmas lights as usual and that they would welcome any support and assistance. Separate plans are under consideration for lights in the Town Hall garden.

9 Planning Applications (Agenda item 8)

9.1 FP reported as follows:

(a) There have been three decisions made since our last meeting:

(i) permission has been granted unconditionally for the erection of a detached domestic garage at 62 Riverbank (retrospective application)

(ii) permission has been granted unconditionally for the erection of an extension to the southwest elevation of the dwellinghouse Glenavon, Digby Street, Gatehouse of Fleet

(iii) permission has been granted for a non-material variation of a previously granted permission for works to the side elevation at the Murray Arms Hotel.

(b) There have been five new planning applications, for:

(i) the erection of a dwellinghouse and detached garage at Plot 1, Memory Lane, Gatehouse of Fleet;

(ii) raising of existing porch wallheads and formation of a hipped roof over the southeast elevation of the dwellinghouse Shepherd’s Cottage, Drumwall, Gatehouse of Fleet;

(iii) an extension to the southeast elevation to the chalet Shilfa, Carrick;

(iv) the erection of a carport at Shelterstone, 2 Planetree Park, Gatehouse of Fleet; and

(v) the erection of a dwellinghouse with attached reception/shower-block facilities at the Caravan Site, Newton Farm, Gatehouse of Fleet.

Whilst not identifying grounds for formal objection to this application, the meeting discussed concerns regarding arrangements for waste and foul water management. Concerns were also raised about the use of the land on the beach side of the site boundary for camping and campervan pitches. The meeting decided to bring these matters to the attention of the Planning Dept.

10 Treasurer’s Report (Agenda item 9)

10.1 PC reported that the Admin Account stood at £575 and the Common Good Fund at £324.  

11 Cardoness Lights (Agenda item 10)

11.1 DR reported that he was in contact with HES regarding the draft agreement and seeking to resolve outstanding issues.   HK undertook to check if there was an agreement in place from the original installation. 

12 Memorial Tree (Agenda item11)

12.1 DR said final arrangements could now be made to plant the tree, instal the stone and unveil the memorial.

13 Car park recycling (Agenda item 12)

13.1 DR reported on the revised waste management aarrangements to be introduced in Spring 2021. More information was available from Collections

13.2 There was some concern about fly-tipping it was agreed that DR would approach CCES to ask for the recycling area in the car park to be lit.

14.1 AOCB (Agenda item 13)

14.1 DR said that the hedgeworks in the Lauriston Road had been undertaken.

14.2 SM said that work was about to start on a project working with NHS and D and G Council to explore, develop and source funding for future directions for the Community Centre. The Committee were hoping for input and support from the Council, local residents and groups   In the interim the Committee were looking at ways to expedite the electrical works to allow the Centre to reopen as soon as possible.

14.3 DR reported that there had been some vandalism and thefts from the new riverside playpark.

14.4 HK reported that drain at the corner of Ann Street appeared to be blocked.

14.5 RD mentioned the Scottish Water initiative to provide public drinking water facilities and suggested that this would be useful in the car park for cyclists/walkers etc. DR undertook to follow this up.

The meeting ended at 8 50 pm

Next meetings: 8 December, 12 January, 9 February