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Draft Minutes of most recent Community Council Meeting

General Meeting held  on 11 January 2022 at 7.30pm

Unapproved Minutes

The Community Council has reverted to holding "virtual" meetings due to the recent updated advice regarding Covid-19   Public attendance is still possible but a request should be made to the Council (Tel: 01557 815290) for an invitation to join by Zoom.  We hope to restart face-to-face meetings as soon as possible. Please note that any attendees at  face-to-face meeting and/or public forum will need to  comply with ongoing Covid-19 government rules. This includes the wearing of a facemask during such attendance unless exempted.

Below are the unapproved minutes from the most recent meeting of the Council which will allow everyone to be up to date with current discussions.  Any queries and questions can be directed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. Attendees

    Councillors:    David Richmond (DR) (Chair), Peter Cailey (PC), Robert Dodds (RD), Ruiradh Hesketh until 8 30 pm (RH), Helen Keating (HK), Fiona Power (FP), Nigel Scott (NS), Francois Van der Zee (FZ), Cllr D Campbell until 8 45 pm (DC)

    Minutes Secretary: Susan Miller (SM)

                Apologies:   John Brown (Police Scotland) (JB), Cllr Pauline Drysdale (PD)

                In Attendance: Steve Norris from 7 45 to 8 30 pm

    2          Conflicts of Interest

    2.1       DR reminded members to be mindful of any potential conflicts of interest and to declare them if        necessary.

    3          Public Forum (Agenda item 2)

    3.1       There were no items.

    4          Police Report (Agenda item 3)

    4.1       JB’s report, which had been circulated in advance, and advised of a deception of an elderly man in Gatehouse involving house maintenance; enquiries were continuing, and D and G Council’s Trading Standards had been informed. A theft of an ATV (quad bike) from a farm in the Newton Stewart area had occurred on 3 January for which any information was being sought.

    5          Dumfries and Galloway Report (Agenda item 4)

    5.1       DC said that there was no update on D and G Council business as it had been in recess for 4 weeks. He raised the recent sale of the former RC church site to a private developer. The site had been the subject of interest by Loreburn Housing Association (LHA) but the need to align funding and planning processes had proved unacceptable to the seller. DC said that LHA were keen to identify other sites in the town. DR said that the Council was equally keen to explore the scope for affordable housing e.g. the current proposals for the garage site and looked forward to progress on the part of LHA.

    5.2       DR mentioned CC unhappiness with D and G Council services over requests for action to repair potholes, kerbstones etc. and gave several examples including the drainage improvements in Ann Street, the need for wholesale resurfacing in Victoria St etc. DC said he would follow this up. NS undertook to send DC a more detailed list of works required.

    6          Minutes of meeting on 14 December 2021 (Agenda item 5)

    6.1       The minutes of the meeting on 14 December were agreed subject to para 11.2 including:

                PD said that there had also been significant learning points for D and G Council and matters requiring urgent consideration included provision of generators, better communication and understanding of roles of all parties including SPEN & Resilience Teams, and the need for all parties to work together to better assist the vulnerable in these situations.

                Approval was proposed by FZ and seconded by FP.

    7          Matters Arising (Agenda item 6)

    7.1       FP confirmed that planning permission was not required to remove the Mill on the Fleet arch. The need to provide signage to the Mill was noted as a matter for the Mill management.

    8          Chair’s report and Correspondence (Agenda item 7)

    8.1       DR reported that

    (a)        the data showed that there was still a relatively large number of Covid19 cases locally

    (b)        works were in progress to reopen the route from Boatgreen to the river for emergency service access; there had been some local objections which had been referred to the emergency services and discussions were ongoing

    (c)        confirmation had been received that the Gravel Bike event would take place on 26 – 28 August 2022

    (d)        National Records of Scotland (NRS) had been in touch regarding the census to be held on 20 March 2022; NRS proposed that the default position was online completion and DR had stressed the need for alternatives to be easily available for those without internet access and had requested publicity material to make people aware that they could request a paper copy. DR said he would circulate the email exchanges with NRS

    (e)        he had replied to the email enquiry regarding Cardoness opening arrangements in 2022 to say that the assumption remained April 2022 and provided an update on lighting issues.

    (f)        Ron Forster had sought the Council’s support in his approach to D and G Council for action to repair damage in Garries Wood after Storm Arwen; DR had agreed and drawn attention to the semi fallen tree by the footpath entrance from the car park; he would be attending a site meeting with D and G Council on 12 January.

    (g)        there was another water leak in the High Street running down to the Ann St junction. DR said he would raise this with Scottish Water.

    (h)        he had sought reassurance from SPEN that they would liaise with D and G Council regarding road repairs following the underground cabling works in the High Street area.

    (i)         he had contacted Scottish Water regarding the Top Up Tap and the request would be considered this year.

    8.2       There was discussion of the reforestation proposals at Glen Farm and it was agreed that DR would liaise with HK to respond that the Community Council had no specific objections providing that all conditions were fully complied with, there would be no negative impacts on either the amenity or the watercourses and that consideration be given to increasing the ratio of native species.

    9          Planning Applications (Agenda item 8)

    9.1       FP reported as follows:

    (a)       there had been four decisions since the last meeting:

    (i)         permission in principle had been granted conditionally for the erection of two dwellinghouses including formation of a new vehicular access and installation of two septic tanks and soakaways at The Old Sheep Pens Site, Clachan of Anwoth, Gatehouse;

    (ii)        permission had been granted unconditionally for the erection of an extension to        the front elevation of Silver Trees, Cally Avenue, Gatehouse;

    (iii)       permission had been granted unconditionally for the formation of rock revetments and associated works to preserve the access road to Main Bay, Carrick Shore; Carrick; and

    (iv)       permission in principle had been refused for the erection of a dwellinghouse (including demolition of an existing dwellinghouse and outbuilding) and installation of a septic tank and soakaway at Killiegowan, Gatehouse.

    (b)        there had been one new planning application, for the installation of replacement      windows with UPVC double-glazed windows at 9A Digby Street, Gatehouse;

    10        Treasurer’s Report (Agenda item 9)

    10.1     DR proposed and FZ seconded approval of the audited accounts. PC reported that the Admin Account stood at £389 and the Common Good Fund (CGF) at £274 with £1400 received from D and G Council as the 2022 CGF allocation.

    11        Cardoness Lights (Agenda item 10)

    11.1     DR reported that he had replied to Historic Environment Scotland (HSE) with requested information and was awaiting a reply; members felt that HSE was delaying matters unacceptably and it was agreed that FZ would approach local contacts with a view to finding ways to expedite the process.

    12        Garries Park Suggestions (Agenda item 11)

    12.1     DR reported the GDI input to the suggestions in early February. NS spoke of concerns raised by Fleet Star FC. DR said that it would be essential for any proposals to be balanced and sensitive to the competing uses/needs.

    13        AOCB (Agenda item 12)

    13.1     HK reported that

    (a)        the Woodland Trust would be delivering the Platinum Jubilee Trees at the end of February and decisions as to siting would be required; DR asked HK to check with D and G Council if any planning permissions would be necessary for chosen sites.

    (b)        the Platinum Jubilee picnic tea would take place on either 4 or 5 June.

    13.2     HK thanked FZ for providing a delivery service to local residents which had proved very helpful whilst so many people were needing to self-isolate.

    13.4     PC reported that the bollard at the A75 western junction had been replaced,

    13.5     DR reported that

    (a)        preparatory work for the planned timber felling had commenced in Barhill woods necessitating timber lorry movements in Cally Park

    (b)        he would raise the war memorial railings at the site meeting on 12 January (see 8.1 (f) above.

    (c)        a Community Resilience meeting was arranged for 18 January

                and raised the following CCES matters

    (d)        the damaged railing at Fleet Bridge had not yet been repaired

    (e)        the repairs due to take place sometime between 21 and 23 December either had not taken place or had been inadequate.

    The meeting ended at 9 10 pm

    Next meetings:   8 February, 8 March, 12 April