a GIGANTIC success

On a recent Sunday afternoon a group of mums, dads, grandparents toddlers and curious locals set off from the clocktower in Gatehouse of Fleet to look for the giant who was rumoured to be roaming the Cally Woods.


Led by Cecilia Franklin, teacher and Forest School leader, the group followed some intriguing clues deep into the forest.

"The giant`s had a wee! " cried Robyn shocked, as everyone gathered round a huge cup filled wth Irn Bru.

"Let`s smell to check," said Luis his brother, bending over to sniff. "That`s OK . . it`s something sweet," and proceeded to bravely taste it. Everyone grabbed their spoon and checked: he was right !

Footprints over a metre long, a cauldron filled with bones, the smelliest biggest socks you`v ever seen and a hat 15 of the children managed to wear at once enticed the group onwards as they trembled and giggled their way down the big flat track.

Suddenly Susi Sweet Pea the fairy was seen flitting through the trees.

"FEE FI FO FUM, I SMELL THE HAIR OF A LITTLE ONE . . . " boomed across the clearing. Susi smiled and reassured the children as shivers ran down everyone`s spines.

The January storms had blown down a pine and two large beeches ruining the hard work put in by the Fleet Valley volunteers in April 2013 to build a story telling area for local children in a newly opened clearing. The specially made "granny seats" were crushed and the wood chipped area practically invisible under the newly fallen trees.

"Don`t worry, he`s actually a very gentle giant," explained Susi. "He pushed the trees over because he wanted to join in.. ."

"Oh, and he`s left you some treasure in a chest under one of them . . "

Further Twilight Adventures are planned and the stories will continue.

Keep an eye on the town`s website www.gatehouse-of-fleet.co.uk

and on www.theweefolkstorytellers.vpweb.co.uk

Or contact franklin.cecilia@gmail.com also for details of Family days in the Forest (two coming up on Saturday May 24th and Saturday May 31st).

With many many thanks to the Commmunities and Families fund of the Big Lottery, the Murray Usher foundation, Lel for signing the stories for those hard of hearing, Molly moonshine for her magical guidance, Robert of Carson Tree Services and Ron Foster for timely limbing of beeches,Sam Kelly for fabulous filming, artist Ruthi Redden for some inspiring photography, Paul Bannister for his big invisible contribution, TD Solutions of Gatehouse for significiant technical help, Galloway Kilts for donation of textiles and advice, Fleet Fish for donation of "treasure", Girgan architects and Ken Smyth for help with publicity and to all the families who came and helped to make this such an exciting enjoyable occasion.