Cricket Club Shortlisted for Award

The Cricket Club has been shortlisted for an award. It needs your votes to win. Although it is the Galloway Cricket Club, it is based in Gatehouse and has been doing great work to get young people involved in the sport. Follow the link below to vote ... and please share.
Galloway Cricket club provides structured sports activities for young people in an area where there are very few facilities. The club works with all age groups, boys and girls. Unfortunately the club pavilion is in such bad condition, it may have to be demolished.

Apart from it’s appalling condition, the pavilion does not have proper changing facilities, changing areas are separated by a curtain, and there are no toilet facilities. The nearest toilets are half a mile away and are temporary Forestry Commission Toilets.

The club hope’s to raise funds to build a new facility which will cost in the region of £200,000. To date the club has raised £25,000 from supporters and recently had £40,000 pledged from a local charity. Other funding bids are pending with the hope that funds can be secured before the end of the summer.

The club has had phenomenal success in creating opportunities for young people, last year over 600 children took part in coaching sessions. This is particularly  important in an area where there are very few facilities and opportunities for young people. The club has a strong committee with over 45 regular volunteers. A new pavilion will open up opportunities not just for cricket but for a whole range of activities, with groups such as girl guides and scouts able to hold out door activities at the facility. The club is at the heart of the community attracting people of all ages to get involved.

If however funds can’t be found to build a new pavilion, the future of the club is in jeopardy. Supporting this project will have an enormous impact on the lives of people living in a remote area.

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