Restoring the Town Hall garden

A grant of £200 awarded to the Gatehouse Development Initiative will help restore the Town Hall garden, which the Local Authority is no longer able to maintain.  With the Council’s agreement volunteers have already begun to restore this garden which is much loved by visitors and locals alike.  This activity is part of the Volunteering Matters Action Earth campaign which is supported by Scottish Natural Heritage.


The Fleet Valley volunteers have already clipped the bushes, pruned the roses and dug manure into the box hedge lined borders ready for bedding plants.  The grant will help purchase new plants to fill the two large side borders.

Volunteering Matters Action Earth will be supporting around 170 projects in Scotland in 2017 with grant awards of up to £500. These grants are aimed at groups who support and encourage volunteer activity through practical environmental projects.

If you would like to get involved with this or other Fleet Valley volunteering projects please contact Ron Forster