The Cally Temple or It's a Dog's life

There was an old man from Ramsay Wood
Was out for a walk with his dog one day,
While picking up poos, in a bag, as one should
Came across an old ruin, what it was, who could say?

It wasn't a mosque, synagogue or a kirk
The map said a temple but to whom and for what?
Not a barn or a farm, just a folly, of fate a mere quirk
Who would repair it, and the cost? Well? a lot!

Would people contribute, when and how, if they could?
What if it's haunted by Charley the dog
Lifting his leg, in the night, on a rotten old log
Thought the old man, with his dog, in the Wood.

DOGgerel - Trivial or irregular verse.



The Temple: Diary

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