In Cally Woods

I found a Time Capsule in the Woods.

It told of times gone past.

Victorian ladies walking out,

With grace, and slow. Not fast.


I saw the Drover guide his beasts

Along the winding paths,

Beneath a ceiling dense and green

Below a sky so vast.


I heard the children laugh and cry

When teachers let them play

Along the old school garden

Whose shell still seen today


I wonder not what I would hide

If asked to bury Time.

What memories and stories heard

To put into my rhyme.


Would I hear the voices

Of visitors to the Woods?

Laughter from some hotel guests

A blackbird song, the craw of rooks?


Or would I capture silence,

In the lonely stone-filled dark?

The ghosts of Time still dreaming

Of the mysteries of the Park?

Liz Niven


The Temple: Diary

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