False facade

Mud clings to the boots like memories here.
Out in the forest at the Temple,
Seventeen seventy nine construction.
Granite walls, arched windows,
castellated roof.
False windows on the side to face the mansion,
impress visitors.
Seventeen ninety three,
Burns 'greatly depressed by the values of society'.
(Some things don't change).
The wind sighed, lightning gleamed,
Burns 'fumed and raged' like the weather,
said his friend John Syme.
On the same day, Thomas Muir,
charged with sedition,
passed through Gatehouse town.
Led in chains to unfair trial,
later sentenced to fourteen years transportation.
Burns, compromised enough to hide allegiance,
a steady excise job,
a family to support,
penned 'Scots Wha Hae' instead.
An oblique means of protest.
'Wallace an allegory for the real hero'.
Mud clings to the boots like memories here.
Liz Niven


The Temple: Diary

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