Seeking images of Cally

We would really like to find an old photograph or a drawing of the Cally Temple.

In the mid nineteenth century the factor at Cally did many water colour sketches within the woods at Cally and a hundred years ago William McMurray took a number of photographs of Cally but neither of them drew or photographed the Temple. 

In the nineteen thirties the trees in Cally woods were cut to make way for new plantations; the Forestry Commission nursery employed many people; there was the Cally school during the Second World War and there was the old School at Cally Lake.  We would welcome any old photos of the Cally woods and grounds.

See below for a selection of the sketches of Henry Moule painted in the eighteen sixties.  Moule's sketches of Cally can be found in the Dorset County museum at Dorchester.

Moule Sketches

McMurray Photos of Cally


Here, too is an old photograph of curling on Cally Lake

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