Cally Voices at the Environment Fair

16 March 2015


Below are a selection of poems contributed by children to the Poem Postbox at the Temple Stall. 


Are you a house?

Do you have a mouse?

Are you lonely?

And a bit moany?

Is it cold?

Or covered with mould?

Is it snowy?

Or a bit blowy?

Do you like it being sunny?

And do you like bunnies?

By Moya Flanagan age 9



In the woods I can see

   lots of green trees

I can hear birds

   looking for food

I can touch the

   hard stone


By Olly age 5


In the forest

     I can hear

Bambi the

     little deer

looking for his


and food for

     his tummy


By the Laidlaw girls


Deep in a forest,

Forgotten and lonely,

A beautiful grey temple lies.

Built for pride

Set to impress

But now forgotten

And hidden from all eyes.

By Eva Flanagan age 13


The trees have

   lovely leaves

full of little robins

I can hear the

tapping of busy


their little

heads nodding.

By Olive age 4


In the forest

I can see lots

of bees flying around


I can hear the

trees whispering to


By Rebecca age 9


In the woods I can


I can see brown and

green trees.

I hear birds singing

In the trees.

I can touch bumpy

wet rock

By Ruby age 8


I'd like to be a bat

not a cat

I could fly

up high

to the sky

see the little

bee’s house

looking small as

a mouse

By the Keenans


Up here in the sky

I can smell and hear

I can see trees and deer

and smell the forest

around me

By Joni age 9


In the forest

I can hear

The sound of bats

The sound of

Birds in trees

And there are no cats!

In the mud

There's rabbit prints

Of rats there's no hints

By Ryan




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