In 2012 an archaeological dig at Trusty's Hill, proved that the local fort had once been a major centre of Dark Ages Scotland.  Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund, All Our Stories Programme, which helps communities to learn more about their past, the people of Gatehouse have been able to to build on the success of the dig, learn more about Trusty's Hill fort and pass on their knowledge to others.

Gatehouse people have learnt new archaeological skills; a large number heard a talk from the archaeologists who carried out the dig as part of the Galloway Picts project; they have been trained to become Trusty's Hill guides; over 60 people took part in a Gala Week walk to Trusty's Hill; and Gatehouse school children are also undertaking a Dark Ages related school project.  An exhibition Trusty's Hill: A Window on Dark Age Galloway tells the story of the site.

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