Cally Woods and Deer Park project

Over the last eight years the Gatehouse Development Initiative (GDI) has undertaken a number of projects to enhance the Designed Landscape of Cally to make the whole area more attractive to visitors and locals alike. Projects have included the repair of boundary walls, the conservation of the old school at Cally Lake and the conservation of the Temple.

Thanks to an award of £8000 from Tesco Bags of Help, the GDI has been able to undertake an ambitious project to carry out further restoration of the Cally walls, including prominent walls in areas which had not yet seen restoration work. The Fleet Valley National Scenic Area volunteers have spent several weeks clearing walls of ivy and fallen timber; the Forestry Commission has cut and cleared a number of trees which were threatening some of the walls and a professional dyker has been working to restore the walls. He is also leading a number of training days where the volunteers have been learning the skill of dry stone dyking. A series of information panels on the history of the dry stone tradition in the Gatehouse area is being prepared for display at the Mill on the Fleet.

The old wall in Cally woods

An old moss-covered wall snakes its way through Cally woods and crosses the white walk at two points. This wall once enclosed the cow park where the Murrays of Cally fattened beef for the English market. A section of this wall has been restored to show clearly where it crossed the White walk, which is well used by locals and visitors.

Rebuilding section of wall

Completed section of ancient wall

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