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Riverbank Play Park Campaign

The residents of Riverbank in Gatehouse are currently fundraising for a new play park for the young people as the current installation is over 25 years old and no longer fit for purpose.  The Dumfries and Galloway Council are no longer able to provide new play parks and it is up to the residents to fundraise, to design, and to procure their own playpark.  So far the intitial research has been carried out into what is needed, possible suppliers contacted and tenders received from the preferred suppliers.  A supplier has now been chosen and a range of equipment selected which the children would like to see in their new park. 


The next step is to make applications for funding to various bodies, such as the Big Lottery, to try and build the funds to carry out the project.  Total cost is around £80,000 - so quite a lot!   We have also opened a fund for individual and community donations and would welcome any contributions to this.  Donations can be made online through PayPal using the Donate button below.  These donations, and the evidence they show of community support, are extremely helpful in achieving a successful campaign with the bigger funders, and the project will be most grateful for any support through this fund.

The project has its own Facebook Page where updates on progress are regularly posted: