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What has the Community Council been up to recently?

The Community Council was pleased that more people completed the recent questionnaire about the town than did the last time one was presented for comments, a few years ago. Many of the answers reflect the topics that the Council has been pursuing regularly – the state of the garage site being the most mentioned. The Survey Report is now available in the Gatehouse Store, the Spar and the Library for anyone to read and to discover how hard the Council has been working on your behalf.


The deliberations of the Council are recorded each month on the Council’s notice board by the car park, included on both the Gatehouse and the Dumfries and Galloway Council’s websites and displayed in the Library. Any member of the public may come to the Community Council meetings (second Tuesday of the month, 7 pm in the Community Centre) to hear first-hand what the Council discusses.

The Community Council sends regular requests to Dumfries and Galloway Council to draw attention to any concerns raised by members of the public, such as the state of the pavements and roads, the parking around the zebra crossing, and the fencing beside the river.  All the alterations that have been going on to the road in front of the school are as a result of pressure from parents about the safety of the children crossing the road to school. These concerns were discussed at length with the parents, the Headmaster, our local Dumfries and Galloway Councillor Dougie Campbell, and the roads department, and passed on by the Community Council.

The Survey Report answers many of the questions raised by the public and the members of the Community Council are grateful for the suggestions, especially for expressions of gratitude for what we try to do for the community (and saddened by some less complimentary remarks) and we hope that everyone feels that the exercise in communication has been worthwhile.